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Summer Holidays

I only have 2 vacancies now during the school holidays.    The 1st - 8th and the 15th - 22nd are both available in my very spacious 2 bedroom caravan for only £690pw. 

This caravan is ideal for families of up to 4 (or 5 if baby in cot).    Most people think that 2 bedroom caravans are smaller, when in fact as most are the same dimensions as a 3 bedroom caravan (35x12), they are much more spacious having 1 bedroom less.    This 2 bedroom caravan also has plenty of space in the double bedroom to put a travel cot, so if you have a 3rd child still in a cot this caravan is excellent and quite a bit cheaper than most 3 bedroom caravans.   Have a look at the photogallery of this caravan on my Late Deals page and see what I mean.

For anyone looking for a last minute deal before the summer holidays get busy, I have 11th - 18th July available in ST41a now reduced to only £410.

The holidays will fly past unfortunately and we will be in September - quieter and cheaper for a lovely getaway, so giv…